Are your drains running slowly?

Have you noticed your toilet doesn't always flush properly?

When it rains do you worry about flooding because the water fills your drains quickly and cannot get away?

We can provide you with solutions.

Hydro-Pressure water jetting is the most efficient way to clean and clear drains.


It can be used in both a residential or commercial setting by our trained professionals.


It utilises high pressure and a fine stream of water to cut through anything clogging your pipes, leaving no damage to the pipe.


Incredibly efficient in cleaning all tree roots, dirt debris, fats, oils and more from all your pipes. With up to 4000psi nozzles jetting water through pipes to clean and clear them your pipes will then be clear to diagnose any issues via a camera inspection.

Speak to the team at chief plumbing today and get your drains cleared and working properly again.

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